Completed Works

Slideshow above depicts various completed works by Bad Jade Art. The slideshow can be controlled using the left and right arrows. Slideshow can be paused by hovering cursor over the image.

Callista Adventure Series
Callista Explores Mars
Callista’s Mystery Adventure
Callista’s ABC Adventure
Callista’s Spooky Book
Callista Saves Christmas
Callista and the Scariest Halloween ever!
Callista and the Mystery on Grandpa’s Farm
Callista’s Book of Life

Benny the Turtle Series
Benny Finds a Hat

Talie and Jinx
Jinx the Imp

Short Story
The Ugly Old Tree

Adult books
Life Unwritten: The Road to Love is Paved with Murder
Life Unwritten: Pearls of Wisdom for Women over 50

Teen Trivia 2017

Life Unwritten
Sins of our Parents
Body and Soul
Lonely Maiden
So Off Men
Evil Intent

Radio Play
Mr. Monk and the Drive-Thru Killer

My Boss Sucks! - In Process